Police Reform Websites

In the past weeks we have launched 3 new websites which will continue to be developed in collaboration with Blackstonian.com. These websites all focus on tracking police misconduct and instituting reforms to prevent discipline it.




Mass Police Reform works to reform police practices to improve respect for basic human and civil rights, reforms should address concerns about policing, racial discrimination/profiling, diversity, excessive/deadly force and corruption.

This site was a complete rebuild and rebrand and is part of a larger local campaign to unify efforts for police reform.



Shot By Police Boston & Beyond seeks to provide as comprehensive as possible a database of people who have been Shot and Killed by Police in Boston and some surrounding communities.

This site was a complete rebuild and rebrand completely representing the available data in a format consistent with and inspired by leading data collection projects like “The Counted”.



Police Decirtification (US) addresses the issue of police decertificaion at a national level. There are currently only 6 States without the authority to revoke a police officer’s license: California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

This site is still under development but seeks to provide a central resource for decertification advocates across the country.


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Jacob Leidolf is the Founder, Chief Designer / Creative Director of the Pen and Sword Political Pirates. He also serves as the Director of Art and Communications for Scope Urban Apparel, the Graphic / Arts Editor for Blackstonian.com and Collective Coordinator for the Grassroots Grind Group. Meet Our Team »

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