Priority Made: Jan 5 – Feb 9 at Dorchester Art Project

Priority Made is a group art show of work done on or relating to the free Label 228 USPS Postal Sticker popularized through use by graffiti artists. The show will be on view from Jan 5th – Feb 9th at Dorchester Art Project with opening and closing receptions and gallery hours every weekend 12 noon – 6PM.

The show will include graff stickers, art stickers, and a timeline of the different blank versions of the 228 sticker, as well as opportunities for viewers to participate in interactive sticker making and blackbook sessions. The Boston graffiti scene will be represented by local legends like Tense, Imagine876, Deme5, Soems, Take1, Rob Stull, Omega Rocks, and Hops. Youth from East Boston and students from Madison Park High School in Roxbury will show alongside local talent, along with over 100 artists from all around the US, Canada, and even the UK, including regional heavyweights like Jayel 228 (NY) and Kever (FL). In addition to the hundreds of 228 sticker submissions, non-sticker pieces inspired by or paying tribute to the 228 sticker will elaborate on and complicate the boundaries of what “sticker art” can be. Priority Made explores the sticker as a catalyst and universal canvas from which anything can be “made” and the wide variety of work that has been inspired by or executed on this humble adhesive label.

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We are artists united by the common belief that art should be a tool for the empowerment of our communities and one weapon available in the arsenal of activists. We specialize in guerilla marketing tactics and the design and production of print, digital and web media for the purpose of raising consciousness and promoting movements for social justice. We believe that artists are responsible for critically examining the world we live in and exposing its contradictions and injustices with our work.


At Avenue of Arts, we sell graffiti art supplies, host art events, educate those curious about Graff, and bring artists together to create artwork for the city.


The Grassroots Grind Group is a Boston-Based arts and media network.


The mission of Voices of Liberation is to up rise and uplift the community. We live in communities often fraught with negative and destructive influences; our goal is to create meaningful positive social change and improve the conditions that exist in our communities.


Dorchester Art Project is an artist-run space in Dorchester, MA. Housing fourteen artists’ studios, a gallery, and a performance space, DAP supports innovative artistic practice outside of the city’s academic institutions and commercial galleries. By providing an alternative space for critically engaged, experimental and emerging artists across disciplines, we seek to foster new connections across Boston’s diverse art communities.

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