Banksy in the Bean

According to the Bostonist, the London based Banksy – stencil and street artist estrordinaire – has made his mark in our fair city. some speculate this is the latest stop on what appears to be a North American tour. Banksy Hits Boston – Highsnobiety Banksy in Boston – Bostonist

Stencil: How About Now?

So, in our last stencil demo, we promised a future one showing how to do lettering with contained white spaces. After watching my people’s video for First Wave Panama – We got the perfect example to do a follow up demo. So, we’ll do the “How About Now?” stencil with the centers of the letters […]

Stencil: Do I Look Illegal?

In honor of May Day and in light of Arizona’s recent racist ass Immigration Law, We wanted to show you how to make your own “Do I Look Illegal?” stencil – a slogan some of the many activists working around this issue have put forward as a rallying call. Stencils are a great way to […]