Who’s The Illegal Alien, Pilgrim?

This is a poster I have seen at countless rallies, demonstrations, plastered on walls and held in hands above heads. It is one of Yolanda López’s better known pieces and seasonally appropriate but she has a tremendous body of work addressing issues of indigenous and immigrant rights, family, heritage, labor and solidarity. Who’s the Illegal […]

Immigration Speak Out at Statehouse

Today, Voices of Liberation and the Student Immigrant Movement have organized an Immigration Speak Out at the Statehouse in protest of recent laws and amendments passed limiting immigrant rights within the Commonwealth and across the nation. Pen and Sword is proud to provide flyers for this action. Please support these efforts and SIM’s 24/7 Vigil and encourage your […]

Free SB 1070 Stickers

Presente.org is offering free stickers to help you express your disappointment and spread the word about Arizona’s new discriminatory law with our new sticker. They’ll ship you one for free or you can pay to get more than one. Get your sticker here http://presente.org/sticker/az/?im=mo.

Stencil: How About Now?

So, in our last stencil demo, we promised a future one showing how to do lettering with contained white spaces. After watching my people’s video for First Wave Panama – We got the perfect example to do a follow up demo. So, we’ll do the “How About Now?” stencil with the centers of the letters […]