Artist Interview: Alfie Numeric

Back in the ancient days of primitive social networking and myspace, I once came across an artist with visually stunning work and a very unique and memorable name.. Alfie Numeric, the beautiful and multi-talented artist from Los Angeles, California describes herself as a “modern day urban warrior.” At 17, while trying to achieve stardom by posting videos and music on my page, I think I thought I was in love.. Fast-forward to the future world of blogs and tweets and I (grown now of course..) found Ms. Numeric once again.. To my extreme delight she agreed to do an interview for the blog. She has not agreed to go on a date with me yet, but I am working on it…

Catch Wreck: So, for those unfamiliar, what is it that you do?

Alfie Numeric: I have two equal jobs … my career is artist/graphic designer/curator/event producer..that’s my spirit. My day job is working at the Writers Guild of America, the union for Hollywood writers.

CW: So you’re an artist of many talents..When did you find your calling and what medium did you start out with? Do you have a preference when it comes to the different types of art you do?

AN: I think it’s safe to say that my calling found me! I’ve been drawing since I can pick up a pencil. I used to get in trouble as a child drawing in my mom’s medical books, on the walls, on the sidewalk. I’ve always wanted to be an artist but as a kid, I didn’t think I could make money from it. But art chased me down in my college years and tackled me by the time I graduated.

My first medium was graphite. There is no mixing involved. No storing paints. No crazy clean up. Just you and the pencil, pushing and pulling on the paper. From there exploration is needed in growth so eventually I started toying with other mediums. Right now, I am playing with acrylic paints, glitter, wood, some clay. My exploration has not stopped.

I don’t have a solitary preference. I believe it all depends on the project and what is the best way to convey that project in the best light possible. I am learning that I am a better drawer than painter. Often time my sketches get lost in translation when I put paint on it. Because of that, I prefer working on natural pine canvases. The paint behaves more like a pencil and is more fluid.

CW: I know exactly what you mean. I gave up on painting years ago..I hope this next question isn’t too cliche.. But where do you draw from for inspiration?

AN: I believe it is safe to say that I draw inspiration directly from life. Every piece is auto-biographical. You can say that each piece is like a page out of my mental diary. People have their own ways on how to process life. Mine happens to be visual at the moment. It is even brought to my attention that the women I paint look like me. I can only paint what I know so subconsciously, I do paint women that look more like me.

CW: So its not intentional?

AN: Nope, I don’t feel that it is. I just draw and paint. I don’t use models unless I need someone to strike a pose for reference. I have been thinking of using models to diversify the subjects but when I paint, I don’t plan it out. I just dive in.

CW: Well if you’d like, I’d be more than happy to model for you..

AN: Very funny..

CW: So do you have anything in the works that people should know about?

AN: Aaah, yes.. Well, we have the closing of “Portraits of the Proletariat” on July 24th. That was a group art show with my crew, the Beatrock Artist Kollective. Special musical guests are Bambu and Rhythm Natives. That’s in Long Beach CA at Dream Jungle Tattoos.

Then on the 31st of July, I am double-booked… Earlier in the day, I will be in Chinatown LA for the Make it Funky Music and Art Fest. Then in the evening I will be live painting at the JACCC for the TN Party in Little Tokyo. Outdoor concert, live art, vendors, and gourmet food trucks.

In September, I will be part of the 19th annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, the largest Pilipino arts festival in Southern California. I will be painting a mural there with the Beatrock Artists Kollective.

CW: I will be sure to pass that info on to our readers. Its been more than a pleasure building with you..

For more on Alfie Numeric be sure to check out her website featuring the Beatrock Artist Collective as well as her Profile on Artslant.

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