Immigration Speak Out at Statehouse

Today, Voices of Liberation and the Student Immigrant Movement have organized an Immigration Speak Out at the Statehouse in protest of recent laws and amendments passed limiting immigrant rights within the Commonwealth and across the nation. Pen and Sword is proud to provide flyers for this action. Please support these efforts and SIM’s 24/7 Vigil and encourage your […]

Voices Of Liberation Update

Today we went live with the new scheme for Voices of Liberation. This was mostly a long overdue cleanup of what we had already done. The VOL Blog was completely redesigned from the template up. Then the MySpace and Twitter profiles were updated to coordinate.

3rd Annual 10,000 Strong Boston

On June 20th, the Third Annual 10,000 Strong Boston will take place at the Franklin Park Playstead – this community gathering and call to action seeks to unite people around stopping the violence, making our communities safer, healthier and more prosperous, providing resources and opportunities where they are lacking, and addressing the root problems of […]

El Movimiento

El Movimiento Estudiantes Latin@s recently formed to advocate for Latin@ studies in the public school curriculum. Pen & Sword is proud to support them with some print and web materials. Find out more about what they do on the blog we just built: and support their first event on June 18th.