Stencil: How About Now?

So, in our last stencil demo, we promised a future one showing how to do lettering with contained white spaces. After watching my people’s video for First Wave Panama – We got the perfect example to do a follow up demo. So, we’ll do the “How About Now?” stencil with the centers of the letters NOT cut out. As always, please use the following information responsibly.

So, how to do a better stencil:

1) Starts out the same way as before. With a simple image and a simple print out.

Stencil 1 – Prints Tiled Across 2 8.5×11 Pages
2) The main difference is that when you get to letters that have enclosed white space or “counters” (Q, R, O, P, A, D, B, 4, 6, 8, 9, 0 etc…) you need to leave the middle space attacjed with a small strip to the rest of the stencil. You can do this any number of ways but the most traditional is a thin vertical line.

Note the way the triangle of the “A” or the middle of the “B” or “O” are connected to the outside of the letter. Also not the copious tape – proof that you can mess up and cut too much and fix it with tape and cutting again. 

3) When you have everything cut ouy it should look like this. With all the totally enclosed white connected with little struts to the rest of the stencil. Then paint and on to the next one. 

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