Political Pirates 4.1

After a lot of back and forth we decided to go ahead and launch politicalpirates.com version 4.1 – a cleaned up, slimmed down revamp of what we had up there. The old site suffered from cool, flashy yet useless elements on the intro and home page, unneeded ads and internal links in the top, a sidebar that in some browsers made the entire body content shift out of proper alignment (an issue previously resolved) and too many pages with not enough content. This revamp not only addressed these problems but updated several key parts of the website and reorganized information to be more easily found, with less clicks from the user. It also worked to incorporate the blog and twitter schemes. We are still in the process of fixing and cleaning things up but here are some things to look for:

Twitter and Blog feeds on the homepage, new work in the galleries which have been remade with the new Pirobox V1.2 behind it, a new contact form with customized captcha security image using a font matching the site graphics, a better structure where most of the information is broken into tabs on the 5 main pages.

As usual this site serves as a testing ground for new ideas, new tricks, new layouts and is constantly going to be edited, updated, changed and tweaked. Be on the lookout for modifications to the gallery system, new pieces in the portfolio, a reprogrammed version of the project request form and much much more!

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