The Helmsplitter EP

We are proud to share The Helmsplitter EP with you – the latest homegrown media gem from our friend Rene Dongo. The Helmsplitter EP highlights unique voices in the Boston area through spoken word and music. Recorded / Produced by Daniel Fairclough and Rene Dongo. Featuring Seyonia Washington, Pause, O.T.O, Catch Wreck, and many more. Download the whole EP […]

Spiritual Doom

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Found an interesting post comapring some stats about military spending on the Guardian Data Blog. Pretty mind boggling – if not surprising.

AeroSoul 2: Urban Hieroglyphics

If you are in the Bay Area or can get there by February, be sure to check out AeroSoul 2. Find out more at Below is an invitation from the events organizer with the details: Greetings All, We are extremely excited about the February Black History month Show,”AeroSoul2″. The response for participation has been overwhelmingly Good. […]

20 Year Homicide Report

The 20 Year Homicide Report was a project to visualize 20 years of data from 1,465 murders that took place in Boston between 1988 and 2008. These info-graphics were put together as a website which is hosted by Read More

Catch Wreck – Concerto

Cover Last week, Catch Wreck released the first track off of the forthcoming ADHD mixtape: “Concerto” over the classic roots track. Its been floating around on the web and getting some good feedback so I figured it was about time we posted about the art. Actually, in all honesty school has been consuming my life, and this is […]